Legal Nurse Consulting Services

Legal Nurse Consultant Services:

  • certified legal nurse taking notesIdentify and request relevant documents for case analysis.
  • Review and interpret all medical records.
  • Find missing records or gaps in documentation.
  • Screen your cases for merit.
  • Identify causation issues.
  • Identify potential key providers.
  • Review for any damages or injuries and any contributing factors.
  • Discern standards of care, identifying any possible deviations from reasonable and customary clinical practice.
  • Review records for signs of tampering.
  • Organize medical records in chronological order for easy reference.
  • Develop written reports & summaries, chronologies and charts as necessary.
  • Educate legal personnel on medical care related to case findings.
  • Assist in the deposition process by providing relevant questions regarding the medical issues.

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