Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

Cerified Legal Nurse ConsultantD id you know a nurse is the one medical professional who inputs, organizes and makes entries in medical records the most? Moreover, nurses are the ones tasked with taking and chronicling all vital statistics and elements of care for a patient. Therefore, a nurse is the most qualified to assess, interpret and communicate medical records efficiently, effectively and simply.

A Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC) is trained on how to provide these services to attorneys, ensuring all legal requirements are met, and how to package and present an analysis for easy understanding.

Save Time and Money

Using a CLNC saves you time and money. How so? The cost for an MD to conduct these services is higher. Furthermore, most of the legwork will be done by (you guessed it) his or her nursing staff.  So, remove the middle-person and get the same caliber of expertise, certified in working with the legal community, at a much lower cost.

Moreover, using a CLNC releases your paralegal to focus on the legal aspects of your case, while the CLNC is more adept at understanding:

  • Staffing dynamics pertinent to your case
  • Patient care ratios

  • Protocols and procedures
  • The credentialing process

…all instrumental in the outcome of your client’s case.

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